There isn’t anyone who doesn’t have an opinion about money. Regardless of what kind of economic system you have an ideological bent toward, one thing is for sure; as long as humans have worked together and pooled their resources for mutual benefit there has been some way of recognizing value and exchange.

In this conversation with Lacey Dupre we look at the yin and yang of money, consider some archetypal influences and get friendly with the transformative potential of money.

Listen into this conversation on money, value and worth.

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • Feminine images of money
  • Family stories about money
  • Money does not have to be a zero sum game
  • Recognizing our value
  • Disdaining money will not solve your problems with money
  • Inviting our demons to a conversation
  • Money and the divine feminine
  • Scarcity and greed
  • Looking into the shadow and finding lost power and resources
  • Writing a letter to money
  • The stones of regret
  • The soul work with money
  • Considering pricing

As business owners we need to address our own Money Story so we can more fully awaken to the role Money plays in our unconscious life and transfer this awareness into the healing process.

Dr. Lacey Dupre is a Wealth Doula, Chinese Medicine practitioner, Anthropologist and a Silversmith. She specializes in guiding Wellness Entrepreneurs to build an Intuitive, Profitable business as a Spiritual Practice and targets chronic dis-ease & emotional dysregulation. She believes chronic illness, gut dysbiosis and autoimmune conditions arise from financial stress, a dissociated Money Story, and issues concerning scarcity, self-worth, enough-ness and abundance.

She uses the Teishin for Needle-free Acupuncture sessions and has designed and handcrafts gemstone-set Teishin.



Links and Resources

Teishin as well as her online program Money as Medicine can be found on Lacey's website.

Good people do good things with lots of Money.You're good people. 
Get started clearing the path so you can journey towards re-telling this Story and creating a real Relationship with Money with Lacey's free course

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