In today's Shop Talk segment, Michelle Grasek, acupuncturist and marketing strategist, shares three new perspectives on marketing to help you approach your marketing with enthusiasm and consistency so you can get more visible in your community and help more patients.
If you feel resistant to putting yourself or your business out there with marketing or can’t seem to truly be consistent with your marketing, then this Shop Talk is for you.

Michelle’s reason for sharing these ideas with you is to help you remember that marketing is simply a neutral tool that we can use to reach and help more people.
Her hope is that one or more of these perspectives really resonates with you, feels energizing and provides new motivation for getting visible with your business!
If you still need help with your marketing, Michelle teaches an online course called Acupuncture Marketing School where she walks you through everything step by step. The ultimate goal is for you to get more patients through creating a strong, clear brand and a marketing strategy tailored to your ideal patients.
If you didn’t have much marketing education in acupuncture school, or you just don’t know where to start, this class is a great choice.

And this week, Michelle and her team are offering two scholarships to Acupuncture Marketing School – one to an acupuncturist and one to an acupuncture student. Submitting your application is free and easy and there are no strings attached.
The deadline to apply is this Thursday, May 4th, at midnight Pacific time. Instructions for how to apply can be found at
You’re welcome to email Michelle with questions –

Here's the link for Acupuncture Marketing School, for the Shop Talk landing page:
And the link for the Scholarship Information page:


Hi there, I'm Michelle! I'm the host of the Acupuncture Marketing School podcast. I'm a practicing acupuncturist and marketing strategist and I've been teaching marketing, both online and in-person, for 9 years. In that time, I've taught marketing to over 3,500 acupuncturists. It’s my mission to help you grow your business using marketing techniques that are genuine and generous.
Through my articles and online PDA courses, I aim to help you outline a strategy, focus on marketing that’s authentic, and get new patients every week. I share all of my practice-building tips at and on social media @michellegrasek.