Ahhh, the new year.

A moment in time to reflect on the path recently traveled and what’s up around that bend in the road.

This is a solo show reflecting on some of the podcast highlights of the past year, a glimpse into some things already on the calendar in the coming year. Along with my clinical observations about using the Sa’am acupuncture method in clinical practice, how it has helped me to better understand the connections between the 六經, the six levels and the 五行, the five phases, and some thoughts on the forgotten fu organ in TCM— the small intestine.


In This Episode We Discuss:

  • A look back at 2018
  • What to look forward to in 2019
  • Thoughts on business and marketing
  • Watch out of complaining, it does not help
  • Find ways to show your generousity without discounting your prices
  • Personal reflections on learning and using the Sa’am method
  • The six levels and five phases are not separate ways of viewing the body
  • The fu organs carry just as much weight and influence as the yin organs
  • We have learned to see the six levels through the lens of pathology, but rarely consider their use from the perspective of health and proper physiological functioning
  • Starting simple helps you gain clarity
  • Careful attention to tonification and sedation is vital in this working with this method
  • Use your current methods and diagnostic markers in accessing your treatments
  • Some case studies


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Toby's Chinese Nutritional Strategies App has your phone doing the heavy lifting of coming up with food therapy lists for your patients
Learn Saam Acupuncture, we have ongoing classes and other opportunities to learn


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