In this solo episode I review the past six months of Qiological and give you a preview on the next six months. Also I'll talking in some depth about the Practice of Business, why SEO is a process, not a product and some thoughts on what makes for an effective website. Finally, I have some news to share with you about being more involved with Qiological.

I used to think that business was a necessary evil, but have come around to realizing its a powerful opportunity. And I have my family to thank for that.

And speaking of business, your web site is an important part of that. I've some opinions about it too, as mine has become over time an appointment generating machine.

 If you would like your phone to ring with people saying “I want an appointment” instead of “I have some questions about acupuncture” after they've been on your web site, then you are going to want to listen to this show and take notes. 


In This Episode We Touch On:

  • Where Qiological has been in the past six months and where it is headed as we move into the second half of the year
  • The benefits of growing up around people that didn't have jobs, they had businesses
  • How you can use your website to bring you the kinds of patients you want to see
  • Why SEO is not a product, but rather a process
  • Why the home page on your website is not the most important page
  • The value of sharing your authentic voice

Empathy is difficult, much more difficult than tolerance. Empathy means you can understand how someone feels. It might one of the hardest things for a human being do to. But if you can learn to see your patients from their own perspective, you just might be able to help find resources that they have overlooked.

Michael Max, L.Ac and Podcast Host 

Prior to becoming an acupuncturist I worked in high tech. This was a while ago, like before the Internet a while ago. I never learned coding and I couldn't write a computer program if my life depended on it. But, I understand enough about how they work, what they can do, and how to craft a system that serves the needs of a business. What's more, I was able to talk to people so I could suss out what it was they were having trouble with, and what kind of solutions they were looking for.

Back then, I helped people solve problems they could not solve on their own, using a technology they didn't understand. Today as an acupuncturist… I help people solve problems they can't solve on their own, using a technology they don't understand. Some things just don't change.

Over the years I've learned a thing or two about using websites and technology to educate and bring me the kinds of patients that are interested in the work that do. A website can be a tremendous asset. Or a liability if it sends the wrong message. Technology, like acupuncture is a method. Something that learnable. And it helps if you know the basics so you know how to orient yourself.

Links and Resources:

You can visit me clinical website at

Also, I forgot to mention this in the podcast. It's important, so please take note. You don't want to be found everywhere the World Wide Web for acupuncture, you really just want to be found in your community. And it is not difficult to get on the first page of Google in your zip code, as many people type in their zip code or town name to find a practitioner in their area.
So be sure you have your clinic's address and zip code in the footer of your website. That way it will appear on every page of your website and give Google one more reason to serve you up to someone who is looking for the kinds of services you offer.


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