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Walt Disney said “We don’t make movies to make money, we make money to make movies.”

I suspect you have a similar feeling about your acupuncture practice. And there is a lot you do in service of extending your skills and understanding so you can better help others heal. Our intention is that the work we do at Qiological helps you with deepening your craft.

If you are here, you’re probably already a regular listener to Qiological. And you might be thinking about supporting the show and gaining access to the entire Qiological library by becoming a Qiologician

Any business enterprise requires financial stability if there is going to be long-term sustainability. So I’ve opened up this opportunity for you, the listener, to help Qiological grow into a resource that will both support our profession with learning and inspiration, and help us to better help our patients. You can get all the details in the audio above.
But in case you are the kind of person that prefers text to audio. Here are the highlights.

    • It’s a way for you understand how other seasoned practitioners are working in their clinics, and learn from their experience.
    • Your support allows us to provide extra content, like the Audio Journal, which allows you to add your voice to the conversation.
    • Supporting the podcast by helps to cover the costs of equipment, software, internet hosting and services, production and the team that brings you these weekly conversations.
    • Help you to feel a sense of connection with our world-wide East Asian medicine community.

I’ve heard it said that for something to be heard — it takes someone to speak and another to listen. Thank you for listening to Qiological, and if you would like to support the show so it has more resources to continue to expand and evolve, then please join and become a member of the community.

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