True entrepreneurs and visionaries don’t go into something for the money. They go into it because of purpose and passion. The business piece is in service of the difference they are looking to create in the world.

It’s not surprising that Peter Deadman would be focused on Yang Sheng, the Nourishment of Life, he’s been at it his entire adult life in various forms and pursuits.
Listen into this conversation on passion, business and how our interests don’t just help us to make a living, they assist us in creating a Life.

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • There is an arc to life, you can see a path that connects
  • Transformative power of uncertainty
  • Entrepreneurship and creating the changes you want to see in the world
  • Letting things go in their due time
  • Trusting the empty space
  • Bringing science to yang sheng
  • Daoist science, observing without a belief system
  • The importance of knowing what is fundamental
  • Easing people towards wellbeing
  • Chinese medicine forestry trust

As practitioners we need to care for ourselves in order to offer our best to our patients, so when we find something that does us good and builds health, wellbeing and strength let’s remember to practise it faithfully.

Peter Deadman has worked in the field of health promotion for fifty years. He co-founded Infinity Foods natural and organic food shop, bakery and warehouse in Brighton, England in 1971 and cofounded the Brighton Natural Health Centre charity some years later to offer education in health practices such as diet, yoga, tai chi, meditation etc.
He qualified as an acupuncturist in 1978 and as a Chinese herbal medicine practitioner in 1992. In 1979 he founded The Journal of Chinese Medicine in response to the lack of educational material in English.
He is co-author of A Manual of Acupuncture and author of Live Well Live Long: Teachings from the Chinese Nourishment of Life Tradition. He is currently co-producing an app to help practitioners prescribe self-care practices to their patients (qigong, self-massage, acupressure, TCM diet and recipes and meditation). Full details and samples at
In 2019 he co-founded The Chinese Medicine Forestry Trust to channel funds from the global Chinese medicine community into three international tree planting and forestry-protecting organisations.


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