The medicine we practice doesn’t just help us to help others. It can help us to live more deeply into our own lives. The challenges, adversity and difficulties we encounter show us what we are made of and build resiliency. The practices we create are a living expression of who we see ourselves to be. Furthermore, the process of creating a successful practice that we want to work in, it’s an on-going process.

Listen into this conversation on the power of mentorship, the transformational influence of having a business, and how being your authentic self is the best way to build a practice you want to work in.


In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • Chinese medicine is about working with the dynamic balance that generates life
  • Medicine that is outside the box and inside the heart
  • The power of a “learning by doing” apprenticeship
  • Aversity and resiliency show you what you’re made of
  • Healing in community, the unique opportunity of a women’s only health clinic
  • Candice Pert and the molecules of emotion
  • The people who are the Zen wake-up sticks in our life
  • Leaning on your personal board of directors
  • CPT code changes coming in January 2020 and why it might change the dry needling discussion
  • The benefit of learning to negotiate money matters at an early age
  • The personal journey of working with inflammation inside and out
  • Considerations on working from home
  • An unconventional treatment for inducing labor
  • The best business advice for someone starting out… Be your authentic self!

Please remember to breathe. In through your nose and out through your mouth. This sets the brain in alpha rhythms of deep relaxation. If you’re not driving, right now take three deep breaths in one at a time, in through your nose and out through your mouth.

Amy Mager, L.Ac 

My practice is informed by my mentors Maury Stein & Luis Yglesias who taught me about the importance of consciousness. Meaning, we are where our thoughts are. Where we put our attention & intention. Sun Miao said “Medicine is intention. Those were proficient at using intentions are good doctors.” Our feelings follow our thoughts. When we change our thoughts, we redirect everything that’s going on in our body.

I have a profound belief that the body wants to heal itself. We see this when we bring the organ systems into the dynamic balance that generates life in the Sheng/generating cycle. I believe that it is my duty to do the smallest thing to affect the greatest change and to teach my patients how to do that for themselves.

I practice in Northampton in Springfield Massachusetts, and was first licensed in California in 1990. I earned my masters at ACTCM and my DACM from PCOM, I am in ABORM fellow and had the privilege of studying at the feet of Raven Lang Midwife and acupuncturist.


Links and Resources

I want to remind us to go back to the classics, back to the Nei Jing. For anyone who wants to work in birth, please read the works of Ina May Gaskin, Sheila Kitzinger, Penelope Leach, and Michel Odent. An incredible resource for patients are the photographs of Lennart Nilsson. It gives our patients an opportunity to visualize the sperm and egg, their meeting, and growth of cells.
Please feel free to go to my website where there are links to free resources to download for practitioners and patients.

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