In this short conversation we discuss Toby's unique patient centered approach to helping patients and potential patients understand and use East Asian medicine. In his new book he helps the layperson to understand how our medicine can help, without attempting to give them a Chinese Medicine 101 education.

He accomplishes this by emphasizing the importance of providing context and using terms that patients can understand. And discusses Chinese medicine through the avenues of clinical experience, historical context and scientific research.

One of the key aspects of this book, and that makes it so helpful to everyday reader, is the way he talks about Yin and Yang in such common everyday language that you don't even realize he's talking about Yin and Yang.

You can find this little gem over on Amazon, or ask your local bookstore to order it so others can enjoy it as well.


Toby Daly, L.Ac, Ph.D

Toby began studying Chinese medicine in 1997 with Sunim Doam, a Korean monk trained in the Saam tradition. He earned his master's degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2002 upon completion of training at the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in San Francisco and Chengdu University in China.

During his four years of training in San Francisco, he interned with the prominent acupuncturist Dr. Angela Wu and learned to apply the lofty theories he was studying in school into the pragmatic setting of a busy clinic. Afterward he completed a PhD in Classical Chinese Medicine under the guidance of 88th generation Daoist priest Jeffery Yuen.

Toby developed the Chinese Nutritional Strategies app to provide digital access to the wealth of Chinese dietary wisdom and the Chinese Medical Characters app to enable direct access to foundational Chinese medical terms and concepts. In 2023 he published his first book, An Introduction to Chinese Medicine a Patient's Guide to Traditional East Asian medicine.

For the past four years he’s been teaching the Saam method as it was taught to him by his teacher.