Getting a practice started is hard. Part of the process is recognizing the strengths and skills we already have, and the other part is being open to allowing our experience to teach us.

In this Part Two conversation with Lamya Kamel we look at how our practices ask us to grow in challenging, yet essential ways. And that while we may not have confidence in the beginning, over time it can arise when we approach our work with integrity and passion.


In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • Working with insecurity
  • Resonance shows up in all kinds of places
  • Maybe you don’t in the box
  • Learning from mistakes
  • Working through the first five years
  • Balancing optimism and realism
  • Being open to things you don’t see
  • Know your limits
  • Getting business help from SCORE
  • Working for others
  • Asking for help


Lamya Kamel, DAOM, L.Ac
I'm your average Chinese Medicine nerd that wants to spend all of my free time reading and learning more about this phenomenal medicine I'm lucky to practice. Like many folks in this field my route here was circuitous. I majored in physical chemistry and quantum mechanics in undergrad, spent two years in medical school before having my first acupuncture treatment and finding my path.

From the day I graduated from my MTSOM program at Pacific College of Health and Sciences (formerly PCOM) I told myself I would never do any work that didn't move this medicine forward. My future wife Kate and I opened our practice within 3 weeks of graduating, and we never looked back. Soon after I started working at PCHS in Chicago I chose to get my post graduate DAOM to have the chance to reignite my passion in research. I am now faculty in the DACM program and chair of the Department of Professionalism for the Chicago campus.

A year after graduating I joined Aligned Modern Health to become the Director of Acupuncture. At the time we had two Chiropractic focused clinics but we've grown to 17 multidisciplinary pluralistic clinics. It's been a humbling experience to grow with the company and be able to offer full-time roles to acupuncturists all over the country. I'm proud to be a part of such an incredible team of innovative clinicians who practice this medicine with integrity and passion.


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