Pulse palpation…the telling touch in Chinese Medicine. It’s an integral aspect of East Asian that is simple in some ways, and deeply nuanced and complex in others. Feeling and interpreting a patient’s pulse is only one facet of clinical interaction. A practitioner has to be present and mindful of the patient; mindful of the experience.

In this conversation with Ross Rosen, we talk extensively about taking the pulse, connecting with the patient, being mindful of resources, and intervening appropriately for best outcomes. We dabble on topics surrounding implementing theories into clinical practice, Shen-Hammer pulse diagnosis, and understanding the patient’s psychology.

Listen in on this discussion on the potency of clinical intervention and the importance of building a therapeutic connection with patients while “navigating the terrain.”

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • The path that led Ross to Chinese Medicine – Growing up with a fascination for Eastern culture
  • Theory Vs Clinical Practice
  • Diagnostic consultation, connecting and building a therapeutic relationship with a patient
  • The mind of a practitioner as they’re taking the pulse
  • “Navigating the terrain”
  • Presence – i.e., being able to attend and monitoring changes in treatment
  • Shen-Hammer pulse diagnosis and attaining some degree of reliabilit.
  • Divergent channels
  • Being mindful of resources and the integrity of a patient’s psychology
  • Understanding the past and diagnosing the present to get a clear sense of where things are moving—and consequently intervene early
  • The impact of trauma – why does trauma make some people stronger and more resilient?
  • Opening orifices and helping people change their perspectives of themselves and their experiences
  • The potency of clinical interaction

Everything must be contextualized in a clinical encounter, which is rooted in relationships.  Trust what you feel, and put trust in what you do.  We practice a medicine where intention is inseparable from, and a part of, treatment, making doubt injurious to clinical success.

Ross Rosen is a licensed practitioner of Chinese medicine. He is a direct lineage holder and senior certified instructor of Shen-Hammer Pulse Diagnosis, a board member of Dragon Rises, Inc., and a long-term student of Dr. Leon Hammer and Jeffrey Yuen. He runs the Center for Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine in Westfield, NJ.

Ross is an ordained 23rd generation Daoist Priest in the Quanzhen, Longmen tradition at the Jian Fu Gong on Qingcheng Mountain, Daoist name Zong You 宗有. He is also ordained as a 25th generation Daoist Priest in the Quanzhen, Longmen tradition at the Qingyun Daoguan, Daoist name Xin Kun 信坤. He is one of the teachers at Parting Clouds Daoist Education.



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You can find out about the classes Ross teaches on his teaching website, and visit him at his clinic website.

He's on Facebook, has a Facebook group for his teaching, and another group discussing Heartshock Trauma.

You can also find him over on Instagram.

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