Many children present in the clinic with a condition that does not easily fit into our usual classification of the deficient (xu) or excess (shi) child. We see a mixed picture. There are signs and symptoms of deficiency, alongside those of Heat. Yet the Heat signs and symptoms are not reconcilable with either Full or Empty Heat. Where do we start? Should we focus on tonifying or clearing?

Once we understand the concept of yin fire, everything begins to make more sense. The first complete and influential description of yin fire was written by Li Dong-yuan in his Treatise on Stomach and Spleen (Pi Wei Lun) in 1250CE. Modern authors e.g. Maciocia, Flaws, discuss the role of yin fire in complex, physical conditions usually seen in adults, such as cancer and auto-immune conditions.

However, in this talk we will explore how yin fire really is the 21 st century pathology in children. So many commonly-seen aspects of children’s lives lead to it arising. It is involved in some of the most widespread childhood behavioural and emotional conditions. You will come away knowing how to both spot it and approach treat it with acupuncture. This will revolutionise your paediatric practice!


Using acupuncture to help children thrive, and teaching others to do the same, is my passion.

I have treated children with acupuncture for over 22 years, and now treat exclusively children and teenagers.  I founded and run two children’s acupuncture clinics in Oxford, UK, one of which offers affordable acupuncture to children and the opportunity for practitioner internships. 

I teach a year-long diploma in acupuncture paediatrics at the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine ( in the UK.  I also teach extensively online – notably a complete paediatric acupuncture certificate course through TCMAcademy ( I also teach in person seminars internationally.  I have been a senior faculty member at the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine, UK for the past 15 years.  

I am the author of two books.  The first is a textbook Acupuncture for Babies, Children and Teenagers. My most recent book is for parents as well as practitioners and is called Chinese Medicine for Childhood Anxiety and Depression: a practical guide for practitioners and parents.  I founded the Hub of Paediatric Acupuncture an online community providing information for parents and support to practitioners who treat children.