As part two in a series of live events on the six phasic model of cosmology and physiology, we will continue with an exploration of the central role of the Shaoyin axis of Water and Fire. While much discussed, a practical appreciation of its vital energy of the 君火 jūnhuǒ, or Imperial Fire, remains somewhat shrouded in esoteric mystery. What is the significance of the “sealing and storing” function of the Kidney? How does it relate to the Heart and the “luminosity of Spirit”? What is the actual role of yang invigorating herbs such as aconite and cinnamon in clinical strategies?

Building from Chinese medical first principles, this talk will provide a detailed structure of the Shaoyin landscape. We will unpack the Shaoyin constellation of anatomical resonance, energetic dynamics, and psycho-emotional expression in order to better comprehend the brief descriptions of pathology contained within the Shanghan Lun. We will also break down Shaoyin level treatment strategies into fundamental categories based on their principle action of opening and gathering.