Engaging Vitality (EV) is a set of palpatory and cognitive tools that help practitioners understand and feel how to better work with their patients. Developed as a fusion of osteopathic and Traditional East Asian medical concepts and techniques, the EV toolbox can be applied to a wide variety of TEAM modalities.

Qi Signal Assessment (QSA) is a core palpatory technique taught in the EV Introductory Series. Based on work pioneered by Jean-Pierre Barral, QSA utilizes off-the-body sensations for a variety of diagnostic information, including the overall health and activity of the qi in a region of the body, which is what we will cover in this class. This will help us discern which area of the body is most in need of our work as well as providing almost instantaneous feedback on the effect (good or bad) or our treatments. It has a variety of other uses as well, for example as a very useful aid in the location of appropriate ‘active’ points.