East Asian medicine recognizes the central role that food can play in our health and wellbeing. We have various models for understanding the fluctuations and trajectories a human body can travel as we navigate the time we have between Heaven and Earth.

In this conversation with Jaguang Sunim we explore the Korean Sa Sang constitutional perspective as it relates to our physiology, along with the strengths and deficiencies that we can mitigate with the foods we choose to eat on a regular basis. Additionally we’ll explore how the influences bestowed on us as viewed through the Ba Zi chart can help us to better understand how our unique mix of the Five Phases gives us insight into our constitution.

Listen into this conversation on constitution, food as medicine and how understanding our constitution through the Sa Sang and Five Phases can quickly reveal our super powers and our kryptonite.

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • Jaguang's Journey, Sa Sang Constitutional Medicine, Physical Aches and Pains 
  • Origin of Sa Sang Medicine, Five Phases, Five Element Natal Chart, Hot Dry Spleen
  • Spleen and Kidney’s Connection, Water Metabolism, The Four Constitutions 
  • Lung and Liver Energy, Food & Herbal Formulas, Sensitive Patients 
  • Teenage Mental Health, Internal Imbalance, Food Sensitivity 
  • Spleen and Lung Energy Flow, Stomach Spleen Energy
  • Five Phases and Birth Chart, Constitutions, Understanding Michael’s Chart 
  • Original Description of Constitutions, Learning How to Interpret Five Element Chart 
  • Acupuncturists, Supplements, Opening Up or Boosting One’s Elements 

Establishing balance through diet at the foundational level of the body’s constitution and Five Element energy configuration, results in significant, long-term alleviation of a wide variety of symptoms.

After working as a radiology technician for ten years, I went to S. Korea in 1978 at the age of 29 to study Zen Buddhism. I ordained as a Buddhist nun, and during my eight years there I met a Korean monk who first introduced me to Sasang Constitutional Medicine (SCM) and taught me the nutritional program for my body constitution.

In our Zen centers in the USA, for 22 years we provided SCM consultations for many. In 1986, Hyunoong Sunim made the discovery that Five Element natal charts could indicate a person’s body constitution. This significantly improved the accuracy of the original SCM system, in making diagnoses of constitution and determining the underlying root of symptoms.
We also provided instruction in various Korean alternative health systems, including Sundo, a Taoist breathing practice, and Water Rhythm, another dietary program that can be layered onto the Five Element SCM program for deeper healing of more challenging symptoms.

I did a personal Zen retreat in S. Korea from 2010-2015, while also teaching Zen at a city temple. Since 2015 I have been providing Five Element SCM consultations and teaching Zen, in Oakland California until 2019, then in Victoria BC.



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