Saam Acupuncture
Clinical Edge Cases

This one day course provides information on recognizing and then navigating clinical edge cases that lie just outside the standard guidelines of the Saam acupuncture tradition. Case studies will be presented to illustrate clinical presentations that require the transition from clinical heuristics to the use of a unique set of guidelines.

Special attention is given to the successful implementation of these concepts into clinical practice.

Unfortunately, due to an error with Zoom we only have the recording of the morning session.

In this one day course we will:
  • Critically evaluate the appropriate situations that trigger the move beyond the standard guidelines of the Saam tradition
  • Identify key differences and advantages of working outside the standard heuristics of the Saam system
  • Understand how to apply the Saam tradition to unusual clinical presentations
  • Successfully navigate edge cases in your clinical practice

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This course is the fourth in a series of courses on Saam Acupuncture.

Prerequisite courses are:
Introduction to Saam, Acupuncture of Wandering Monks (CEU and Non-CEU)
Advanced Case Studies, Draining Strategies & Bilateral Combinations (Non-CEU)
Deconstructing Point Combinations (Non-CEU)


Course Fee: $100

This recorded session does not come with CEU's

“Skillful action relies on customary rules of practice. Reality, however, is never constrained by such rules”
Fei Boxiong 1874

Your Instructor For This Class

I began studying Chinese medicine in 1997 with Sunim Doam a Korean monk trained in the Saam tradition. I earned a master's degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2002 upon completion of training at the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in San Francisco and Chengdu University in China.

During my four years of training in San Francisco, I interned with Dr. Angela Wu who taught me how to apply the lofty theories I was studying in school into the pragmatic setting of a busy clinic. She also taught me how to eat an entire cheesecake in one sitting! In 2013, I developed the Chinese Nutritional Strategies app to provide digital access to the wealth of Chinese dietary wisdom. In 2016, proving once again that some people never learn, I completed a PhD in Classical Chinese Medicine under the guidance of 88th generation Daoist priest Jeffery Yuen.