In this Shop Talk I’ll be sharing three reasons why I practice Sasang Medicine.

Reason #1 Food first
The condition of the constitution always affects treatment outcome, prevention, overall health and longevity.
People vary in their balance and do not inherently all have strong constitutions. People need to nourish their weakness and not feed what is already too strong.
Eating all 5 tastes equally balances your plate; not you!

Example 1: someone with half their energy in the liver, will make their imbalance worse by eating any liver-building food at all
Example 2: So-yang person eating a healthy diet for 70% of the population. Gets sick because they are not part of the 70%.

Reason #2 Western medical research assumptions
Clinical trials are statistical, what percentage get a positive outcome.
The n-value, the number of people in the trial is a homogenous group because of inclusion/exclusion criteria. What does the data ALWAYS show?
The mind has an effect on the body
The data proves the premise that the group is homogenous is wrong

The real problem is, if enough people have a good outcome and the bad stuff isn’t too bad, it is prescribed for everyone. Yet, the data does not support doing this.

In Korea, clinical trials are conducted putting subjects in their constitutional groups to see if there are correlations between outcomes and constitution. They typically are, and there are lots of studies showing correlations between constitution and certain genetic markers.

Reason #3 Food helps
I’ve been practicing prescribing diets for people for over 20 years. Almost every single person who follows their constitutional diet has improvements in their health.
Of course there is much more to say about Korean Sasang Medicine and you can read more about it on my website,
You also can sign-up for my Diagnosis Mentorship Program starting August 5th.

But if you’re not ready for that, you can experience Sasang by ordering a dietary analysis for yourself. Or send your very sick patients who need support with their treatments for an analysis.


Tracy Stewart, L.Ac

After completing my education at UC Berkeley and University of Iowa, in Biochemistry, I returned to the Bay Area and worked in Medical Research at UCSF. From academia, I moved onto genetic engineering and worked for several biotech companies. I became a formulation chemist. My last job in the field was as a project manager at Genentech.

All during my scientific career, I received acupuncture treatments that proved very beneficial. Worsley Five Element Acupuncture was especially profound and I became enamored with the idea of treating the constitution rather than the condition.

I went into acupuncture practice and while treating a cardiologist, whose infant son was having fibril seizures, I discovered Korean Sasang. The doctor, himself, had atrial fibrillations which would only resolve temporarily. The cure for both of them was their Korean Sasang Constitutional diet.

Now, 20 years later, baby and father are still following their diet and are well. During this time, I learned the Bazi diagnostic system to determine Sasang Constitution and have been prescribing individualized diets for over 20 years. Two years ago I began teaching this system to small groups of acupuncturists through a 4-month Mentorship Program.


Visit Tracy's website to learn more about her Sasang Diagnosis consultations, Food as Medicine, and her 4-month Mentorship Program.