As a small boy I was just fascinated….. making things, taking things apart, fixing things, learning stuff, digging holes in the ground, messing with chemicals, electronics, playing boogie-woogie piano and wang-arm guitar. When I was 14, we had the Summer of Love and so I then messed with the ideas of the time; peace, love, nature, music, art, mind and stuff from the East.

My science career continued until I finally came to my senses at 22 and stumbled onto the path that has captivated me for four decades. I’ve been fortunate to have been able to study with many legendary teachers in the west as well as some profoundly skilled doctors from China. Now a well-seasoned clinical detective – my feet are rooted in science but my mind extends to the heights of the beautiful and knowing gaze of China’s medical legacy. I love that sense of following a dao that has been trodden by millions before.
My style? That’s complicated but one question at the back of my mind at each new clinical encounter is “what is the absolute, most appropriate thing, that can happen for this person?”

I believe that appropriateness is the true measure of the practitioner’s shen and is something we should reflect on deeply. I have seen the magic this medicine offers, seeing change and transformation in people every day, decade on decade. Never bored for even a moment, this is, for me, the basis of a truly satisfying life. In the end, I hope to look back, content that my relations with others were based only on kindness and the Summer of Love values of my youth.