I became interested in Chinese medicine when I was an early teen because I had been active in martial arts where I witnessed on a few occasions some ‘kung fu’ medical treatments by my kung fu teachers. I was amazed to see a nose that was broken sideways get pulled straight, a chronic migraine get immediate long term relief following ‘acupuncture’ with a cutting needle, simple herbal combinations that effectively treat difficult issues such as a double retinal detachment and facial palsy, and the use of herbs for martial arts and qigong cultivation.

After Chinese medicine school, I studied Chinese orthopedics and went to Beijing for more practice where I witness more amazing treatment results. Thereafter, I began to work at an herbal company where I was exposed to classical Chinese herbology. I was inspired to learn classical Chinese medicine and have pursued further studies in this direction for many years.

My practice is centered on classical Chinese medicine applications including classical herbology, classical acupuncture, traditional tuina and traumatology, as well as other specialized systems of acupuncture. As such, I am focused on traditional diagnosis and the treatment principles used in classical Chinese medicine. I love how effective Chinese medicine can be for all kinds of illnesses and injuries and am continually amazed how quick and tangible treatment results can be when the patterns of illness and imbalance that are identified according to traditional diagnosis are the focus of the treatment.