I’m John G. McGarvey, a co-founder of DAO Labs, an herbal medicine and lifestyle company that is changing the way western consumers approach health, by embracing the 2,500 year-old formulas and practices of Chinese medicine in sustainable, easy-to-understand formats. While I started my professional career on Wall Street, I made a significant pivot and worked at an international NGO in Lhasa, Tibet.

Following that experience, I shifted to the natural products industry, first with a frozen food platform and now, by focussing exclusively on Chinese herbal medicine. I’m typically a high stress-type-A personality, so I’ve embraced Chinese medicine to help with everything from improving my sleep quality, to reducing anxiety, to radically improving my digestion. I attended Northwestern University and have an M.B.A. from the Kellogg School of Management. I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the hot bed of Chinese herbal medicine, with my wife and two kids.