I started out my career in medicine in the world of hospital research. I have a Ph.D. in Research Psychology and my specialty was studying the effect of what the patient thought the cause of the heart disease was and how that affected the effectiveness of rehab. Although I had great respect for the surgeons with whom I worked, I felt that there was something else operating than just a “machine” the body) and thus began my foray into the world of energy medicine. I started with Reiki, then Axiatonal Alignment, Colorpuncture, and finally TCM school.

When I realized that you can feel the connections between the organ systems and emotions through pulse diagnosis I was hooked on TCM!

So that’s what I do: follow the pulses. My system is called Pulse Diagnosis and Biofeedback and it’s like playing music. I learned the theory (TCM), I found my instrument (my fingers), and how I change the energies in my patients’ bodies is the music that I’m playing. And better than that, their body’s response to the needles is the music. Every patient is different every day and I have to think about each individual when I choose point combinations. Creating balance in each patient is like I have a research project in front of me each time and that’s what keeps my love of Chinese medicine alive. I have to think about point functions, channel pathways, combinations, emotional functions …… and get to put all of that together in an effective treatment.