Stress management is something we started to hear about in the 1980’s. But compare the “stress” of the 80’s with the 2000’s and we are talking very different worlds. Then 2020 arrives and we wish we had the stress and problems of just a year or two ago.

In this conversation with Heidi Lovie we look at how to handle life when things change more in four months than they used to change in four years.

Heidi’s take no prisoners approach to Covid, social unrest, failing economies, troublesome landlords and political monkeyshines will give you some hope for our off the rails world.



Heidi Lovie, L.Ac

My patients are my teachers, my inspiration, and my heart. They are the reason I get out of bed in the morning. Their stories move me to tears and make me a better person. Being human is hard. Our bodies and minds, which are designed to provide an experience for our spirit, come with so many issues. But watching my patients navigate, overcome, and conquer their issues heals my own my broken humanness. I can’t imagine a better job.

I believe that the best Chinese medicine practitioners know acupuncture is a last resort. That true healing happens when blind spots are illuminated and that my job is to act as a sherpa guiding people towards the best version of themselves using Chinese medicine as the guiding light. Something transformative and magical happens when people are self empowered, given knowledge, and prescribed resources to take outside the treatment room.



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