We all know that Tech is part of a modern practice. And regardless of whether we love it, or hate it, it plays a central role in our day to day operations, marketing and communications.

Just like our patients find the language of Chinese medicine to be confusing. Many practitioners find the language and work flow around technology to be foreign territory. Where to find a translator who can speak our language? Right here on the podcast!

Listen in to this conversation as we discuss tech in a down to earth way with an acupuncturist who used to inhabit the high tech world. Tech really is not so difficult when you understand some fundamentals. You might even find you have some fun with this stuff. Especially after you learn not only how to get yourself onto the first page of Google on a local search, but also make your phone ring with people looking for an appointment.

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • The road from tech to medicine
  • The importance of having your own website and domain
  • Getting people to your website
  • SEO is a process not an event, and it’s a combination of things, not just one thing
  • Getting found locally is key to building a practice
  • Plan your social media time, use it for “marketing” not for “consumption”
  • Why good copy that really speaks to people is necessary and good for SEO
  • Three important things that must be on your first page
  • What should go on your about page
  • Don’t make your “about” page about you, make it about your potential patients
  • Your website will attract some people to you, and repel others, this is a good thing
  • Recommendations for tech tools

Connect with your local community doing things that you love. It's a great chance to meet prospective patients and often natural conversation can turn into a way of educating others about the strengths and scope of how acupuncture can help.

Stacey Chapman, L.Ac 

Looking back with hindsight I can now see how the disharmony in my own body (with digestive issues) was a wake up call and message to change the way that I was living. Mostly to change the work I was doing. So I headed down a path of discovery and healing for my self and found that acupuncture and lifestyle changes helped to make a huge difference to my health and lead me on to change my career.

I left my work in IT to study acupuncture in 2007 and when I graduated in 2010 I set out to build my practice in North London. It was at this time that I went back to the skills and knowledge from the 15+ years working with technology to build my own website and optimise it so that local people could find me. This helped kick start my practice and I've watched it steadily grow over the last 9 years.

I love working locally and have found a wonderful community here, even in a city as large and diverse as London. I also love how the theory and practice of acupuncture can often help to untangle the messages that our body sends when it is out of balance. It is always rewarding when patients start to see these changes for themselves over a course of treatment.

Alongside my acupuncture practice I also run Swish IT (https://swish-it.com) helping other acupuncturists and wellness practitioners with their websites and technology, to help them grow a business that they love. Two very different businesses but a balance for me that feels really good.


Links and Resources

Stacey has two websites. Visit her site that offers tech services at www.swish-it.com and her clinic site at www.staceychapman.co.uk
Stacey's Website SEO Audit service takes a look at how your website is doing and how people are finding you, with a practical list of steps that you can take to enhance it. She's offering 20% of my new package for Qiological listeners with the Code: QIOLOGICAL 


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