We are used to lousy sound quality that we don’t realize how it stresses our nervous system and gets in the way of clear and effective communication. I often hear people complain about how they don’t like to look at the computer, but I suspect the issue is more that we don’t like to listen to the computer. The poor quality sound you are listening might be normal, but that does not make it optimal.

If you are teaching classes online or doing telemedicine, this short 20 minute episode will give you the basics of improving your ability to communicate over the Internet by significantly improving your quality.

You don’t need to be technically proficient with sound, just use the simple basics that will help you to sound like the professional you are.

A simple headset microphone is an inexpensive and effective way to improve your voice on the Internet.

Michael Max, L.Ac
I find it rather funny that I spend 10 years doing high tech as I couldn't write a single line of computer code if my life depended on it. But what I discovered in those years was that you don't have understand code to use technology. You just have to know how different pieces fit together.

In much the same way, I'm not an audio engineer. But I've learned through years of podcasting that there are certain basics that if paid attention to will greatly enhance your sound quality in the digital world.

Now more than ever we are gathering on the Internet, and yet the level of sound most people use is of amateur quality. If we are going to move to doing our work online, then we should look and sound professional.

Tech does not have to be intimating or difficult. Any of us can sound professional online with a upgrades to our sound kit and an ear toward what will be helpful to the people who are listening to us.


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