Classical Chinese medicine recognizes the Heart (心 Xin) as a central organ to our being. It’s seen as holding the sovereign position as the emperor of the kingdom (i.e., the body). 

The Heart is where the Shen (神), the spirit, resides. It’s what gives us discernment and consciousness. In a way, phrases like “follow your heart,” “home is where the heart is,” and “from the bottom of my heart” seem to pay homage to the spiritual and coherent nature of the Heart. But how does this influence our work in the clinic?

In this conversation with Josephine Spilka, we discuss the importance of being in coherence, acting from a place of presence amid impermanent stories, staying true to our capacities, and setting boundaries in the clinic. Josephine also touches on the influence of the eight extraordinary channels and their connection to the Zheng Qi. 

Listen into this discussion on coherence, and the need to honor our faculties, integrity, and capacity in any clinical encounter.

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • Living poetry – Clinic as “a mystery that unfolds in the expression.”
  • Are the clinician’s perceptions and sensations the truth of the moment?
  • Coming into coherence, into a deeper resonance with what we do.
  • Zheng Qi (Upright Qi) and the layered view that happens through the primary channels.
  • The connection between coherence, capacity, and boundaries.
  • Acting from a place of presence and not from impermanent stories in the clinic.
  • The constant process of honing attention to navigate the dynamic environment of medicine.
  • The Heart as an empty, alive, and present space.
  • We’re always making medicine in the moment
  • The majority of the world is unseen, and we’re often blind to how much is unseen

To detect the presence of anything, health or disease, you must first empty your heart of everything.

Having come to this moment as both a willing and unwilling disciple of this body for over 60 years now, I am currently dedicated to sharing the amazing disciplines that have been transformative in my life.  

In practice for over 25 years, I draw from many, many sources of wisdom, but the most long-standing influences remain the Buddhist teachings and Chinese medicine. The essence of how I work with health arises from the perspective of classical Chinese medicine, a medicine that sees the body as a living, evolving expression of vital elements and our relationship to our world.  

I love to see the magic that comes from engaging this practical and profound view of the body and the health that arises from relating to all levels of our being from the material to the ethereal, using everything from herbs, stones and essential oils to needles, breath and movement to bring presence and power to each moment. 

I can’t think of anything better to do than to share ways that allow us to find our purpose, meet our true selves and benefit others.


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