Change happens through time, it unfolds within the rhythmic inhale and exhale, it expresses through lunar and solar cycles, it follows the arc of development, fruition, and decline. There are recognizable pathways and markers that arise within what is mostly a non-linear experience of life.

Daniel Atchison-Nevel used to skip school and hang out at the library where he found himself in the company of old Russian Jewish mystics, their stories and tattered copies of the Dao De Jing. Not a bad place to begin, if your destiny holds the potential to include the practice of Chinese medicine.

Listen into this discussion of how undifferentiated wholeness ratchets down into the world of yin and yang, the constant interplay of fate and destiny, the vital importance of of being able to recognize the impulse towards healing within dysfunction, and how the most profound learning he received on the Extraordinary Vessels came from a man with whom he shared no common language.

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • Always had strange leanings
  • Acupuncture: I’m going to do this for as long as it works
  • Being empty enough to meet our patients where they are in our practice
  • What makes a person and patient, and a patient a person
  • The Extraordinary Vessels begin with an undifferentiated wholeness
  • Human beings are the interplay between the descending forces from above and the ascending forces from below
  • Thoughts on pre-heaven Jing
  • The practice of direct experience
  • The potency in the question, “What’s your experience of hearing that?”
  • Feeling is the climate for the emotional weather
  • Fate is where we find ourselves, and Destiny is what we do with that
  •  Dai/Yin Wei, Expressing out into the world: Dai, making value- Yin Wei, this helps emotional regulation
  • Internal Ease, External Grace
  • To know the vessels, you need to cultivate the vessels, then you can see and interact with them
  • An awakening experience of the Extraordinary Vessels
  • The vessels as spheres of influence that are both inside and outside of the body
  • Recognizing the impulse towards healing within dysfunction
  • Another perspective on understanding and treating the Dai
  • Setting the table for transformation

Embrace uncertainty. Remain curious. Be kind.

Daniel J. Atchison-Nevel has been an innovator in the fields of holistic health and acupuncture since 1982. That year, he and his wife Jane Atchison-Nevel co-founded one of the country’s first comprehensive collaborative health centers on Miami Beach.

In 1987 Daniel & Jane organized “one of the pioneering events in American acupuncture history”, the International Acupuncture Symposium held in San Francisco, California

For the last three and a half decades, Dan has specialized in the utilization of acupuncture’s extraordinary vessels, developing the NSEV Healing & Acupuncture approach for diagnosis and care.

In 1999/2000 Daniel and his NSEV colleagues conducted research in conjunction with Florida International University on the effect of acupuncture’s extraordinary vessels on depression. Daniel authored an innovative and comprehensive Clinical Reference Manual for use in the study.

Dan has provided more than 200,000 extraordinary vessel treatments , taught hundreds of practitioners and guided dozens of shared, group acupuncture sessions and retreats throughout the world.

In 2020, in response to the pandemic, Dan founded the NSEV Healing Academy /3 Wombs Academy which provide online classes for interested acupuncturists, doctors and lay people from around the globe.



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