You probably have an image in your mind, and a feeling that goes with having had a bad marketing experience. But do you know what good marketing feels like? 

It feels like someone cares and is trying to be helpful.

Effective and ethical marketing is about connective communication and helping your patients to solve problems. 

In this conversation with Danielle Weil we focus on the importance of understanding our patient’s needs, and developing the skill to be  able to accurately describe their problems. We also discuss some basic copywriting frameworks that will help you both connect with your patients, and to invite them to take the next step in resolving their health concerns. Additionally we explore old school advertising and how to use AI to help with your marketing research and content creation.

Listen in for a lively discussion of marketing, copywriting and the effectiveness of mental shortcuts in decision-making and how to use them ethically to better get your message across to patients.

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • Integrating sales and marketing
  • Crafting unique sales stories
  • Identifying clients' problems & offering solutions
  • Using client transformation stories
  • Learning copywriting for business success
  • Marketing through beliefs exercise
  • Understanding target audience and clients' beliefs
  • Pricing strategies and articulating value
  • Overcoming self-doubt & professional challenges
  • Old school copywriting vs. modern frameworks
  • Impact of AI on content writing

Rule #1 is just keep swimming! Don’t get stuck on a word or phrase, keep moving forward in writing, life, and business. Rule #2, never write from scratch. The blank page is your biggest enemy.


I’m a copy & marketing strategist who helps expert business owners make more sales by “owning their voice” in copy. Since 2006 I’ve written dozens of 6 and 7-figure launches, generated over $100M++ in sales for clients, and mentored business owners to break their own sales records with copy that sounds like them, but makes SO much more money!



Links and Resources

Visit Danielle's website and learn how to write your own great copy.

You can also find her on LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook


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Shop Talk with Renee Klorman
The Surprising Effectiveness of San Cha San


In this Shop Talk we hear about a surprisingly effective use of the Tung point San Cha San, which she discovered when she treated herself for a head cold.

San Cha San is easily accessed as it’s located along the Triple Burner channel, and is reached by sliding a needle in between the fourth and fifth metacarpals. So it is a point you can readily add to your treatments

Additionally Renee covers the uses of sister points, San Cha Yi and San Cha Er and how they are useful for back pain.

It’s helpful to use ourselves as white mice to learn more about acupuncture, and you’ll enjoy hearing about Renee’s discoveries in this Shop Talk


Renee Klorman, L.Ac

This wild ride and amazing career in Chinese medicine began 17 years ago after my first acupuncture treatment with Claudia Citkovitz in NYC. I never looked back. I have been licensed for 12 years and have practiced in California, Washington State, and currently in Vermont. I have owned a community acupuncture clinic and private practice and now work in an integrative clinic and have many opportunities to work collaboratively with my colleagues, which I love. I am also the Assistant Producer at Qiological. When not doing either of those things, I am in the woods of Vermont or exploring the Adirondack mountains.