In today’s Shop Talk, Lisa presents basic Biomedical and TCM information about BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia), a condition that every Acupuncturist will most likely see in their clinic at some point in their career unless you don’t treat older gentlemen. She presents common causes, symptoms, biomed treatments, TCM differentials and a few basic points.

You can use these points in your clinic tomorrow to start successfully treating this condition! It’s a condition that responds very well to what we have to offer, acupuncture and herbs! For a more in-depth understanding on BPH and other common men’s health conditions you can take one of Lisa’s courses.

Information on my upcoming courses will be announced on herb blog at: She also offers consultations services and is always open to just talk to other practitioners about this subject, of which she is so passionate about! You can contact Lisa directly at:



About Lisa Lapwing

Dr. Lisa Lapwing a specialist in men’s health (Andrology). As you may be aware, we’re not taught much about this subject in school and I therefore, had to learn about it myself through reading/researching, talking to other professionals and trial and error. Now, over a decade later, after treating various sexual health conditions for men and women, I’m filling in the gaps in education on Andrology in TCM.

As an expert in this field I have spoken for and have had an article published with SUNA (Society of Urologic Nurses and Associates), I’ve taught classes for AOMA and FSOMA.