by Michael Max

In this “part two” conversation with Felip Caudet we get into the nuts and bolts of how he uses moxa, and how to find and treat “moxa points.”

Additionally there is an excerpt from his soon to be published book String Moxa Method. Go to the show notes page to read or download it.


In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • Fukaya method of moxibustion
  • Moxa and the immune system
  • How to roll rice grain moxa
  • Moxa is a precious treasure
  • Hardness or softness of the moxa cone determines how it burns and if it’s tonifying or dispersing
  • Different kinds of heat and the body’s response
  • Finding “moxa points”
  • Comfort heat is tonifying and the burning sensation creates dispersion
  • The body creates stagnation in the body as a way to slow an illness process
  • Moxa points can present as spongy, gummy or stone-like
  • Points can be on or off the meridians
  • Five ways to find points

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Here is an excerpt from Felip's upcoming book, String Moxa Method

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