In this Shop Talk segment we cover important questions to ask you male patient’s when they come to you presenting with such common issues as ED, PE, BPH and Prostatitis! For a more in-depth understanding on common men’s health conditions you can take one of my courses

 Information on my upcoming courses will be announced on my blog at: Currently, I have date 10/7/23 set for my course on BPH & How to Successfully Treat It Using TCM Principles. You can find information on how to sign-up through my blog listed above or by connecting with me directly. I also offer consultations services and am always open to just talk to other practitioners about this subject, of which I’m so passionate about! You can contact me directly at any time at: 

I absolutely love talking and educating on men’s health so reach out anytime!



About Lisa Lapwing

Dr. Lisa Lapwing a specialist in men’s health (Andrology). As you may be aware, we’re not taught much about this subject in school and I therefore, had to learn about it myself through reading/researching, talking to other professionals and trial and error. Now, over a decade later, after treating various sexual health conditions for men and women, I’m filling in the gaps in education on Andrology in TCM.

As an expert in this field I have spoken for and have had an article published with SUNA (Society of Urologic Nurses and Associates), I’ve taught classes for AOMA and FSOMA.


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