We often think of the bioelectricity of the nervous system as a signaling system for the body to communicate with itself, but it might serve an even greater function of allowing us to interact with our larger environment.

This conversation with John Hubacher started off as an inquiry into electro-acupuncture, but it quickly took a hard left turn into neuro-psychiatry, parapsychology as well as the importance of using standardized measures in research so we can build a common language around treatment and experimental findings.

Listen in to this conversation on the perspectives of a long time researcher into bioelectricity, and how he sees this interacting with biology and quantum fields.

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • The history of science is non-linear
  • John’s early interest in neuro-psychiatry and parapsychology
  • Thelma Moss and Soviet research
  • The early days of red light laser research
  • The need for standardized to make research meaningful and reproducible
  • There are over 20,000 studies on electro-acupuncture, only a handful contain useful standardized information
  • Quantum Biology
  • Morphogenetic fields
  • Mike Levin bioelectricity on YouTube
  • The connection between bioelectric fields and the neurology system

A classic clinical tip to maximally produce endorphin release for chronic or acute pain using electroacupuncture is to use Mixed Mode with both 2 and 100 hz. This has been shown with blood assay to create maximum endorphin release from the CNS for three endorphin types.

John Hubacher, Ph.D

I mainly have a research interest and background, and have come to the field of acupuncture through an interest in biofields, systems of electrical physiology, and the role of the ostensible etheric body in both physics and biology. Currently, my company, Pantheon Research is in the 38th year of producing fine electroacupuncture equipment for the medical profession. This biomedical electronic background is a context I bring to my synthesis of the mechanisms of acupuncture as both physiologically based and endogenous electrical systems based.

My recent research has been published, and topics include the role of electroacupuncture to stimulate neural stem cells in skin on acupuncture points, standards of reporting for more complete data replication within electroacupuncture studies, the demonstration of data that supports the observation of the biofield as a system that resides independent of the physical biology ( replication of the phantom leaf effect), and the physics of the biofield with an emphasis on it potential relationship to quantum biology processes.

I have learned that we are entering a new paradigm of medicine that combines both physics and biology, in a new synthesis that provides huge breakthroughs in both theory and practice. There will be a new physics and a new medicine that emerges. Acupuncture is an expression of this synthesis. I think one of the essential elements will be the verification that living things do possess an electrically based, perhaps with new forms of electricity, true physiological system, that controls and regulates conventional physiological processes. This system is primary to the biochemical systems, and the source of this system is independent of physical cellular process. My interest is to research and document these hypotheses experimentally.


Links and Resources

This is a serious read, but well worth the effort.
Marco Bischoff wrote a definitive history of biofield research and concepts, which John recommends for an indepth introduction to the extensive and generally hidden information which can integrate closely with future acupuncture research.

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