In this brief introduction to Qiological, show host Michael Max goes into the nudge that pushed him in the direction of creating this podcast, the audience this show will likely find to be of interest and what the listener can expect from this podcast series. In essence, this is a podcast for practitioners of Chinese and East Asian medicine, which means it can get a bit thick and geeky if you don't have a background in this stuff. For those who are looking for more of an introduction to acupuncture and Chinese medicine, or want to learn more because they either currently receive acupuncture or are considering using acupuncture and Chinese medicine for their health care, please visit


About Michael Max L.Ac 

Trained both in the USA and Asia, Michael Max practices acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine at Yong Kang Clinic in St. Louis, MO. He has translated some non-mainstream materials on Chinese medicine, and writes extensively on health and wellbeing on his website and in his clinic’s monthly newsletter.

While many in the West have heard about acupuncture and associate it with being an effective treatment for pain relief. In fact, acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine can successfully treat a wide variety of ailments from allergies to migraines, anxiety to reflux, stress, depression ,fertility and women’s health and much more. He started the Everyday Acupuncture Podcast show as a way help us Westerners understand there are accessible and effective solutions to health challenges in life that do not require a pharmaceutical medication, but instead gently and naturally be coaxed from our body’s own innate ability to balance and heal.

In the Qiological podcast series Michael invites other practitioners to explore deeper and more technical aspects of Chinese medicine that would be of interest to practitioners of the art.


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