Acupuncture is technique, a method, a way to send the body a message. But the message we send— that comes from the long tradition and practice of the medicine that originated in China.

Do you consider yourself an acupuncturist, or a doctor of East Asian medicine? Do you see yourself “owning” a technique, or do you see yourself as a link in a chain that stretches into the misty past and at the same time is alive in the present?

In this conversation with Annie White discuss these questions over some high mountain oolong. Along with what it means to be a doctor and a business person. We’ll also touch on the importance of using how you’d like to feel as a way of charting a course through this world, and how Anne’s research into helping her patients deal with stress turned into a process and practice that she needed for herself, and how the pandemic gave her the opportunity to turn that “passion project” into a service that helps people learn to use their brains better.

Listen into this conversation on medicine, creativity, hard knocks and the transformative power of appreciation.

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • From banking to acupuncture
  • The problem with calling ourselves acupuncturists
  • Judgment in our profession
  • Thoughts on deceiving and deception
  • “Doesn’t mean their wrong, doesn’t mean I’m right,” a useful mantra for the times
  • Language, meaning and change
  • The opportunity and challenge of of being open and available to the totality of who our patients are
  • Holding space for the fractured places within our patients, and more importantly, ourselves
  • It’s not this or that, it’s this and that
  • Covid allowed for the opportunity to work on the passion project
  • Neuroplasticity seemed like a path worth following
  • Our own shadowy issues can help us to chart a path that helps others
  • Positive and negative experiences are processed in different parts of the brain
  • Gratitude is helpful, but appreciation is even more so!
  • Using the feeling to state to activate neural pathways
  • What are the emotional states you’d like to be living your life through?
  • Marinate in happy emotions when you feel happy

The mind is an extremely powerful player in the healing process. The science of Neuroplasticity has proven that every thought we think wires our mind. Patients can’t ever truly heal if they are consistently stressed out. In addition, if they live in a space where they’re telling themselves – I’m sick, or I’m in pain constantly, that adds to the stress and their sickness and pain and wires their mind to stay on those thought loops which perpetuates the issue continually.

Annie has her Doctorate in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from Five Branches University. Because stress is a huge factor in most patient’s symptoms, she made it her mission to figure out a way to fix high stress levels at  the root of the issue. This led to 8 years of research on Neuroplasticity and resulted in a step-by-step program that she developed to eliminate high stress and anxiety based on the science of Neuroplasticity.

Then she went through a time where she needed the program herself and after she saw how well it worked, she left her private practice to deliver the program full-time.



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