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Accounting for Acupuncturists

Like many practitioners, you may not have much background in finance or accounting. However, as a business owner, you have to stay on top of where your money is coming from and where it is going. Your accounting system is the place to do that. It is like the pulse of your business. 

Many business owners think of their accounting system much like a checkbook— if there is money in the bank, they must be doing well. But there is so much more to running a healthy business.

In this course, we'll look at why it is important to keep, understand and use your accounting system to help you manage and grow your business with the least possible effort. 

The perfect accounting system is one that takes its input from your normal day-to-day processes and then presents you with actionable information so that you know how the business is doing and what you can do to improve your bottom line. Plus, it makes things easy at tax time.

If you can learn the complexities of Chinese medicine, then you can learn the essential fundamentals of accounting. You’ll sleep better knowing your financial situation at a glance. 

Join us and learn basic accounting concepts and then look at how you can set up and use your accounting system to do much more than just keep track of your checkbook.

In this recorded seminar we discuss
  • Properly designing and setting up your Chart of Accounts
  • Importance of tracking revenue and collections 
  • How to reconcil bank and credit card statements and why it’s important
  • Using budgeting and using financial statements to make business decisions
  • Tailoring your accounting system to your specific needs and how to make the best use of the shortcuts and tools that are built into popular accounting software

You'll have lifetime access to the recording of this Qiological Live seminar

 Seminar fee $35, length 90 minutes

If you can learn the complexities of Chinese medicine, then you can learn the essential fundamentals of accounting

Your Instructor For This Class

Beverly Hacker

I’m Beverly Hacker and I'm the owner of BeanCounter.Solutions, a consulting firm that specializes in helping small businesses set up, or clean up, their QuickBooks accounting systems and then teaches them how to make the best use of this powerful platform.

One of the things that I've noticed as I've worked with solopreneurs, small businesses and nonprofits is that they very often are frustrated with their accounting systems and feel that not only is it too difficult, but they don't think they are getting any value from the work they put in. I also see that in nearly all cases, that frustration can be alleviated, by finding out exactly how they do business, what kind of information they are looking for, and then setting up the system to fit those needs. 

I use a ”teach a man to fish' philosophy.” My goal is to get folks set up and trained to do as much as they want to on their own and help them when they need it after that. It's a bit of a crazy business model, because if I do it well, (just like with you acupuncturists) I actually work myself out of a job. That's OK with me, because I know that will enable me to help another client in the same way.