CBD is a big deal these days. Is it really the panacea that is constantly being sold to us? How does this substance and cannabis in general fit in with our thinking in terms of Chinese medicine? How do we separate the wishful thinking from fact, and how do we know what constitutes a reliable and pure product from those of inferior grade?

In this conversation with Chloe Weber we investigate CBD from the perspective of Chinese medicine practitioner.

Listen in to this conversation CBD, cannabis medicine and how Chinese medicine practitioners can think about how to integrate this medicinal into their thinking and practices.

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • How to know you’re getting a quality product
  • CBD isolate vs full-spectrum extracts
  • Differences between cannabis and hemp
  • CBD and the gut biome
  • Role of terpitens 
  • Contraindications and drug reactions
  • Differentiating indica and sativa
  • Using CBD with Chinese herbs

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I developed an interest in public health and medicine after being diagnosed with Cutaneous Leishmaniasis in high school. As one of the first cases diagnosed in Costa Rica, I was drawn to study Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at CU Boulder where I began to understand how diseases evolve along with us and the deep connection between humans and our environment. Eventually, I was drawn to Chinese medicine as a way to address public health issues. I received my Masters of Oriental Medicine from Southwest Acupuncture College in Boulder and spent time studying at Heilongjiang University Hospital in Harbin, China.

After graduating, I followed my heart and co-founded a non-profit sliding-scale walk-in Chinese herb clinic called Urban Herbs. Running the clinic I was able to see just how beautifully Chinese herbs translate from culture to culture and how essential it is to make our medicine affordable and accessible. Shortly after starting the clinic, my son Remy was diagnosed with an incredibly rare genetic disorder called STXBP1. I dropped everything and Remy and I began our epic adventures in neurohacking.

Working with Remy has lead me to extensively study integrative and developmental neurology and functional medicine and has motivated me to find ways to help children with neuro-developmental issues and epilepsy. While Remy and I both felt better with the many hemp extract oils that they tried, nothing stopped Remy's seizures. As an herbalist I knew I could create a stronger formula to help those with seizures, joined forces with Bart, and Radical Roots was born! In order to help further support other families with loved ones with Neurological disorders, I recently launched a resource website remysrevenge.com and will be launching a podcast around neuroplasticity in the new year!.


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