David Toone, L.Ac

David founded Red Earth Acupuncture and Method Herbs near Atlanta, GA. He received his MSOM from AIMC in Berkeley, CA in 2007.
Early at AIMC he began studying with the Iwashina Anryu (aka ‘Dr. Bear’), continuing to study with and assist Dr. Bear teach until his passing in 2022.
David developed a modular system, reproducing Zhang Zhong Jing’s formulas as concentrated extracts in their original dosages and ratios. This led him to the study and use of traditional Sheng Fuzi pao zhi in formulas.

David was introduced to classical method through the late Taiwanese master Ni Haisha and his brother Ni Boshi. He enrolled in ICEAM with Arnaud Versluys in 2011, becoming a Diplomate in 2013, then a Clinical Fellow in 2015. In 2022 he began teaching the Fukushin classes, and in 2024, became a clinical supervisor.

David has two children, attends Atlanta Soto Zen Center, and teaches Shorinji Kempo.



Saam and its Clinical Place within the Wu Yun Liu Qi Cosmology


In this class we explore the classical and clinical relationship between the Heavenly Stems (天干), Earthly Branches (地支) and Six Qi (六氣). Saam holds unique place in the cosmology of Chinese Medicine, by utilizing the relationship between the Five Phases and Six Qi (六氣) to rebalance disharmony within a Yin Yang Six Qi relationship.

In this lecture we explore classical underpinnings of the Saam model in the Su Wen, and its broader clinical relationship between the Great Movements and Heavenly Stems (五運天干) and Earthly Branches (地支).

Our objective is to gain a cleaner understanding of when and why to use the relational, Five Movements; environmental, Six Qi; or material, Earthly Branches models in your practice.

In This Presentation We Will:

  • Understand the Saam acupuncture method within the cosmology of  Wu Yun Liu Qi.
  • Investigate Su Wen Chapter 74 as  the basis for Saam
  • Understanding the classical basis for the Saam organ pairs based on the Six Qi
  • Considering Saam as the middle way between the five phases and organ pathology