Evan Mahoney, DAOM

Evan Mahoney is a Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine having obtained his degrees from Samra University and Emperors College in 2011. He specializes in the treatment of pain using VST and Kinetic Acupuncture and Saam Acupuncture for all other conditions. Dr. Evan emphasizes a meditational approach in treatment with Saam, coaching the patients to meditate on the acupuncture points.

Since 2013 he has been conducting research on the Interpretation of Dreams based on Saam Acupuncture’s Three Levels of Human Needs. He is currently practicing acupuncture in Southwest Florida.





Saam Acupuncture’s “Organ Centered Consciousness”


Saam Acupuncture ‘Organ Centered Consciousness’ model is based off of four legs. The first is a student’s introduction to the theories of TCM and how they identify, internalize, and relate to such medicine.

The Second and Third Legs are based on PTSD which is a conscious phenomena related to the Kidneys and Dr. John Sarno’s ‘Unconscious Rage’ correspondent to Saam Acupuncture Gall Bladder Channels, Revolutionary Rage or Fury.

The Fourth Leg is the Interpretation of Dreams which is based on Saam Acupuncture’s Three Levels of Human Needs.

In This Presentation We'll:

  • Learn treat PTSD utilizing the Kidney / San Jiao channels, utilizing expelling Wind Energetic Function of the San Jiao
  • Recognize similarities of Dr. John Sarno’s ‘Unconscious Rage’ with that of Saam Acupuncture’s Gall Bladder channel ‘Revolutionary Rage’'
  • Develop the ability to identify the Three Levels of Human Needs and their associated Organ Channel