George Mandler, L.Ac

I am a licensed acupuncturist, dietitian, and Chinese herbalist. I completed my Chinese medicine cover charge at NESA in 2006 and have taught Western Nutrition there since 2007.

I am incredibly grateful to my most influential teachers, Sharon Weizenbaum and Toby Daly who showed me, with different modalities, how clinically effective this amazing medicine can be if you look well beneath the surface.

I have treated patients with Saam almost 100% since early 2019 and run a busy clinic in Stow, MA.



Stepping into Saam – How to Navigate Treatments when “Saam doesn’t work”


This discussion is ideal for those who practice the Saam Buddhist monastic tradition of Toby Daly’s teacher. This talk is especially for those new to the system or those who feel they are not getting their expected clinical results. Toby has transmitted a beautifully efficacious heart- centered medicine that successfully treats a wide range of conditions. Evaluating channel pairs can be confusing and sometimes we need to connect deeper and look below the surface to find our diagnostic patterns. When results are not obtained, it can often be because of an error in our diagnosis or treatment. Sloppy diagnosis and inaccurate needling can lead to unsatisfactory results. I will share my experience of how I navigated disappointing outcomes in my 5+ years of practicing this tradition

In This Presentation We Will:

  • Clarify differentiation of Saam channel pairs to help improve diagnosis
  • Review ‘edge’ case studies to help improve Saam clinical skill
  • Discuss how to evaluate the potential effectiveness of a Saam treatment after needling
  • Gain confidence to not abandon Saam for other treatments