Jungwhan Lee, Ph.D

Junghwan Lee is a researcher of meridian-based psychotherapy and the developer of Mind Acupuncture. He holds a doctoral degree in Oriental psychotherapy. He has been researching and clinically using Saam Acupuncture and Eastern and Western psychotherapy for nearly 30 years.

Mind acupuncture is the result of his long-term research. He compares the development of mind acupuncture to the creation of the iPhone. He says that Mind Acupuncture is an innovative treatment method that is completely different from existing treatment methods and is patient-centered, intuitive, easy, and effective like an iPhone. He says that mind acupuncture can actively complement or replace existing Eastern and Western psychotherapy methods.

He is the president of the Saam Acupuncture Society and the Mind Acupuncture Association. He hopes that acupuncture practitioners around the world will learn, use, and study mind acupuncture. He is actively introducing mind acupuncture in various countries. He has a mind acupuncture group on WhatsApp. Through that group, he regularly conducts online workshops.



Mind Acupuncture: An Expansion of Saam Acupuncture for Rapid Relief of Negative Emotions and Thoughts


Mind acupuncture is a Saam informed meridian-based psychotherapy modality. Mind acupuncture is firmly rooted in traditional East-Asian medical theory. The fundamental basis being that qi (energy) instability causes negative emotions and thoughts. Through the utilization of the 5 Shu points and Saam acupuncture techniques, we learn to stabilize the energy of the 5 elements and 6 Qis.

These strategies are extremely efficacious in releasing negative emotions and have the ability to address daily stress, depression, anxiety, PTSD, and insomnia by reestablishing healthy regulation of stressors and emotions.
The approach has three fundamentals: Stating treatment goals, strengthening self-regulation of the meridian system, and interlacing treatment goals with meridian functions.
This method can also have profound efficacy in the dredging of hidden unconscious conflict allowing the liberation of spirit through Qi-transformation and Metaphor techniques.
The primary techniques used in the Mind Acupuncture method that will be taught are Basic Circulation Acupuncture and Saam Acupuncture.

Mind acupuncture is easy to learn and provides quick results, offering liberation from negative emotions and expanding positive affect. Mind Acupuncture has received accolades and recognition when it was introduced to audiences at Oxford University as “The Emergence of New Traditional Acupuncture”, ICMART 2023(Amsterdam), and Dagfa 2022(Frankfurt).

In This Presentation We Will:

  • Lay the foundation for understanding the three fundamentals of mind acupuncture
  • Learn Basic Circulation Acupuncture & Saam Acupuncture
  • Gain skill in applying qi-transformation & metaphor methods
  • Develop the ability to eliminate of negative emotions
  • Gain skill in the enhancement of positive emotions