Phil Settels, Ph.D, L.Ac

From the beginning of Phil Settels’ study of Chinese Medicine in 2008, he has been drawn to both classical herbalism and orthopedic acupuncture. Upon graduating in 2011 he was asked to help put together a doctorate program at ACCHS, and he was able to build a curriculum focusing on these two areas of specialization. Running the program allowed Phil to walk the path of an eternal student, and he has had the great fortune of studying with amazing teachers in both the herbal and acupuncture domains.

Phil continues to practice, to teach, to run the doctorate program, and to learn. Among his most recent inspirations is the Saam Acupuncture system, as taught by Toby Daly. This has allowed him to use the five-phase and six-conformation principles that guide much of his herbal thought in the diagnosis and treatment using acupuncture, in a way that is beautifully complementary.



Saam and Jing Fang: Beyond Herbalized Acupuncture


This course will explore the 12 archetypes of channel system excess from the Saam acupuncture system, and relate them to classical formulas (Jing Fang). In particular, the herb presentation (yao zheng) and formula presentations (fang zheng) styles of Shanghan Lun herbalism will be emphasized.

The goal is not to establish one-to-one correlations (ie. Spleen Supplementation treatment is equal to Wenjing Tang), but rather specific characteristics of the organ system patterns are related to formulas, so that each organ system pattern could relate to multiple formulas, and combinations of organ system patterns could relate to specific formulas.

In This Presentation We Will:

  • Explore the relationship of diagnosis from the Formula Presentation (Fang Zheng) style of Jing Fang and from the Saam Acupuncture tradition taught by Toby Daly
  •  Relate the specific characteristics of the organ excess patterns to herbs and formulas
  • Integrate classical formulas into the practice of Saam Acupuncture