Sharon Sherman, L.Ac

My passion for East Asian Medicine is an ongoing inquiry and deep appreciation for what has shaped medical theory, biases, and strategies. As a perpetual student of medical arts and practice, I am more than a technician; I operate as a critical thinker and a strong collaborator in the healing process. My studies and personal exploration lead me on a continuing journey, alongside my patients, to unravel the mysteries and pursuits that create a life well lived.

Sharon graduated with Honors from Tri-State College of Acupuncture in 2001 and has been practicing in Philadelphia since. Prior to her groupie-like devotion to the Saam community, she was a student of 88th generation Daoist priest Jeffery Yuen for over ten years. She is a general practitioner with a concentration in Saam acupuncture, musculoskeletal dysfunction and herbal medicine.



Open the Portals – Bearing Witness to What Presents


Bearing witness as a health care practitioner requires us to be present and attentive to the truth of another's experiences. It is also an opportunity to hone our Saam diagnostic skills and enhance our ability to serve. We will be looking at videos and getting seasoned practitioner’s diagnostic observations relating to morphology, affect and temperament from within the Saam lens. Seeing through the eyes of skilled practitioners, the aim is to expand our clinical prowess by being able to better understand, categorize and utilize the rich bounty of diagnostic clues that present in every clinical encounter.

In This Presentation We Will:

  • Apply Saam theory in a more animated environment
  • Expand practitioner focus
  • See and hear diagnostic criteria that informs Saam diagnosis
  • Increase practitioner confidence in Saam diagnosis