Sharon Weizenbaum, L.Ac

Sharon Weizenbaum has been studying and practicing East Asian Medicine for over forty years. Her interests primary interests have included herbal obstetrics & gynecology, herbal medicine based on the Han dynasty classics (Nèi Jīng, Nàn Jīng, Shén Nóng Běn Cáo Jīng, and Shāng Hán Zá Bìng Lùn) as well
as the Fǔ Xíng Jué Yòng Yào Fǎ Yào and acupuncture based on Han dynasty classic principles. Sharon found that Japanese traditions of acupuncture more faithfully followed these principles and her acupuncture style grew out of her study with Japanese teachers, including Kiiko Matsumoto, Stephen
Birch, and Koei Kuwahara. In 2019, she began her study of Saam with Toby Daly which was followed by a visit to Thomas Sørensen’s clinic in Copenhagen, DK. Five years on from initial contact with Saam, Sharon’s understanding and practice of acupuncture is influenced by all of the above.

Sharon practices in Western Massachusetts, living on a small farm with her farmer daughter Zoe and many farm animals. Sharon is the founder of White Pine Circle, an online educational and community support platform and teaches a two-year comprehensive program called The Graduate Mentorship Program in which she offers her unique approach to classical East Asian herbal medicine with an emphasis on clear diagnostic skills and flexible use of formulas.



Classical Perspectives on Supplementing, Draining and Flavors in Relation to Saam Acupuncture


In this lecture, Sharon will explore the concepts of supplementing, draining and shunting methods based on her understanding and translation of portions of the Huáng Dì Nèi Jīng.

Much of this understanding also comes from her translations of the work of Dr. Zhāng Dàchāng on the Fǔ Xíng Jué Yòng Yào Fǎ Yào, (Assisting Certainty in the Important Methods for Applying Herbs for the Zang Fu). Sharon has discovered that Dr. Zhāng’s writings are aligned with our root classics, the Huáng Dì Nèi Jīng and the Nán Jīng than any writings she has ever come across. These profound views were echoed by Sharon’s studies withThomas Sørensen.

In this lecture, Sharon will discuss what we are doing when we supplement and drain/shunt according to an accurate reading of the text. This requires some understanding of what channels are and how the five phase points function. From this foundation, Sharon will connect our use of flavors in herbal formulas to our work using the four points of Saam. Again, this is based on the classics and Dr. Zhang’s writings. 

In This Presentation We Will:

  • Look into what the classics say about supplementing and draining/shunting
  • Gain perspective on using the six channels in regard to acupuncture
  • Investigate the meaning of the five phases in regard to acupuncture
  • Deepen your understanding of the relationship between the five flavors and the five phase points of Saam