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Engaging Vitality, Point Location

Photo: Monika Chace, Sea Drips Hawaii

Engaging Vitality (EV) is a set of palpatory and cognitive tools that help practitioners understand and directly feel how to better work with their patients more effectively. Developed as a fusion of osteopathic and Traditional East Asian medical concepts and techniques, the EV toolbox can be applied to a wide variety of TEAM modalities.

In this continuation of a previous QL seminar, after a brief review we will focus on some of the primary EV techniques for point location. This will include using QSA as a two-step screen for acupuncture points that are present, and some on the body direct palpatory techniques to precisely locate points in three dimensions, and. We will then practice needling utilizing palpatory feedback to check the response of the body to the needle.
You will get more out of this brief workshop if you have someone you canto practice on present, particularly for the last 60 minutes.

In this webinar Engaging Vitality teachers Velia Wortman and Dan Bensky teach students how to find active acupuncture points and discuss its wide-ranging applicability for how this can be applied by all practitioners of TEAM.

In this real time event we will
  • Review and refine the basics of Qi Signal Assessment (QSA)
  • Learn how to use QSA to identify useful ‘active’ points
  • Learn to use other EV related methods to precisely find and effectively needle points
  • Experience the utility of QSA as a form of feedback to evaluate the effect of needling

You’ll have lifetime access to the recording of this Qiological Live seminar


Previous participation in a live Engaging Vitality class, attendance at our previous Qiological Live on Qi Signal Assessment (QSA), or having watched the recording of the QSA seminar, which you can here.


Due to the hands-on nature of this seminar with breakout rooms, the live presentation is limited to 40 participants.

Space is limited, so please only register for the live seminar if you are sure you can attend.

This seminar will be recorded, and you’ll still be able to get a lot from the presentation, but you’ll miss out on the breakout sessions with the Engaging Vitality instructors, as they will not be recorded.

Please register for the recording only if you'd like to watch the presentation, but can not attend live.

Recorded seminar fee $35, length 70 minutes

Saturday April 2, 2022
9am Pacific • 10am Mountain • 11pm Central • 12pm Eastern

Your hands can inform you immediately if your acupuncture will be effective

Photo: Monika Chace, Milky Way Over Crater

Your Instructors For This Class

Dan Bensky

I’ve been interested in things East Asian since I was a boy and stumbled into Traditional East Asian Medicine [TEAM] by chance in the early 1970’s. At the time it was not only very hard to find a place to study, it was even hard to know what or how to study.

 This sense of wonder has stayed with me for the past 45 years. 

My experiences, in Taiwan, Japan, China and the US have shown me that the greatest thing about this medicine is that it has so many tools that aid in being open to paying attention to and helping our patients on a multitude of levels.

Similarly, engagement with the medicine demands that we dive into the traditions without being stuck in them so that we can connect to and be a part of them. I have been helped along this path when, again by chance, I became interested in osteopathic medicine in the late 1970’s and had the good fortune to go to Michigan State University where I was able to work with some amazing teachers. It became quickly obvious to me that TEAM and osteopathy were complementary on many, many levels and I’ve been working on integrating them and attempting to understand how each illuminates the other ever since.

Velia Wortman

Born in Mexico City to an Anglo- Canadian father and a Chinese mother and grew up in the Caribbean. After studying social anthropology at the University of Toronto I went to the UK to study medicine at the Royal Free Hospital. In 1978 my brother and I were invited to China as part of a delegation organized by old “China hands” including the British scholar Joseph Needham. Here, we had the opportunity to see how Chinese medicine was practised in TCM hospitals and by “barefoot doctors”.

Around 20 years, four children and two medical specialties later, I began to study acupuncture in Germany and Chinese herbal medicine at the Anglo-Dutch College with Ted Kaptchuk. Here I also met Dan Bensky where he presented the Engaging Vitality method combining osteopathic techniques with acupuncture. Since then, I have used and taught this unique style of practice with great success.