Qiological Live
Chaos, Compulsion, Sexuality and Power:
Harmonizing the Jueyin Wind Wood System in Body, Energy and Spirit

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According to Ancient Chinese cosmology, our inner and outer environments are imbued with six Heavenly forces of yin and yang involved in the constant interplay of cosmic and physiological change. Each of these six environmental factors manifests as a quality of energetic transformation within both the body and psyche of an individual. Though concealed from the naked eye, their observable manifestations form the foundation of the Shanghan Lun six phasic system of Chinese medical diagnosis. Viewed through this powerful lens, the six phases are revealed to be integrated systems of functionality, each with a unique constellation of pathological symptoms, and specific methods of treatment and prevention.

Often glossed over in modern curricula as simply “the pathological stage of separation of yin and yang”, integrating the raw power of the Jueyin Wind Wood phase is essential to our long-term health and vitality. In fact, it is its very source! In this program, we will delve into the intensity of the Jueyin landscape through a combination of critical interpretation of classical source texts and insights gleaned through clinical practice.


Participants can expect to develop a deeper ability to:
  • recognize the physiological and psycho-emotional components of the Jueyin network
  • clearly differentiate true Jueyin conditions from other stages of pathology
  • formulate cohesive treatment strategies in the face of chaotic Jueyin presentations
  • recognize the underlying principles of Jueyin formula construction
  • effectively utilize lifestyle interventions and cross-modality referrals for better clinical outcomes

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Live event fee $35, length 90 minutes


To journey into the Jueyin network and harness the darkest and most powerful impulses of life is to know what it means to be human.

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Your Instructor For This Class

Bryan McMahon

Bryan McMahon is a uniquely qualified clinical practitioner, scholar and instructor of Ancient Chinese medicine (ACM). Having spent 15 in Asia, he is one of only a handful of Western practitioners to have completed the five-year traditional medical program at the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, entirely in Mandarin. Bryan has been blessed to study extensively with many highly accomplished practitioners, most notably as a long-term apprentice to Dr. Li Xin. Bryan moved to Portland, OR in 2015, joining the faculty of the NUNM College of Classical Chinese Medicine while continuing his clinical research into the treatment of complex and often otherwise unresponsive conditions.

In 2021, he relocated to beautiful Costa Rica to pursue training in the non-dual Dharma technologies of the Mahasiddha tradition under the direct tutelage of his mentor, Kolbjorn Martens. He maintains regular online teaching, writing and remote consultation work from his home in the coastal foothills of Uvita.