Medicine is an unending study. A process of learning, sifting what helps from what doesn’t, and recognizing that we often are students of the unknown.

In this conversation we explore healing, sacrifice, the importance of learning a tradition and finding a mentor.



In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • What got Lonny started with Chinese medicine
  • Influence of Yi Jing and Carl Jung
  • Early experiences in Chinatown
  • Studies in neurobiology
  • Graduate school and Chinese medicine did not mix
  • The lucky break that helped to get Lonny’s practice going
  • Intake and questions
  • Experience with Leon Hammer
  • How to not talk about Qi
  • What people need to start or stop doing
  • An example of working with a patient’s sense of self-victimization
  • Learning from mistakes
  • Importance of finding a mentor
  • Use what works, drop what doesn’t
  • Dealing with the liminal space of not knowing

Qi Bo: “The utmost [principle] in treatment lies with the oneness.”
[Huang] Di: “What is that to say, the ‘oneness’?”
Qi Bo: “There is oneness, and therefore one gets it.”
[Huang] Di: “How?”
Qi Bo: “Close the door and shut the windows,
tie yourself to the patient,
repeatedly inquire about [his] feelings,
adapt [your treatment] to his sentiments.
If one gets a hold of the spirit, the [patient] will prosper;
if the spirit is lost,
[the patient] perishes.”
[Huang] Di: “Good!”-NJSW 13

Lonny Jarret, L.Ac

 I wrote my college entrance essay in 1975 on differences between the Eastern and Western world views discussing acupuncture as a symbol of the those differences. When I took my first course in Chinese medicine in 1980, I instantly recognized that I had to pursue it as a career to become a whole human being. After 34 years of Clinical practice I remain passionate about the path of medicine. I find it to be humbling, engaging, and calling me ever deeper into inquiry and wholeness. I contemplate daily what the Bodhisattva vow means when it implores us to “become both the physician and the medicine.”



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