The fundamentals root our practice. The basics that we learn in the beginning not only never go away, but deepen with experience. This is why regardless of lineage or method, Chinese medicine practitioners can communicate with each other as we share a common parlance. The fundamentals of yin yang, the motion of the five phases, and the ways excess & deficiency help us to understand the root of a person's problem. At the core, we all share the fundamentals. 

In this discussion with Rob Helmer we explore how mastery is mastery of the basics, and how the pernicious influence of depressive heat often unlies many chronic conditions, but it’s easy to overlook it in our clinical practice. 

Listen into this conversation on the importance of the basics, why it’s vital to consider proportionality in our diagnosis and treatment, and some of the ways that you identify and treat depressive in your clinical work.

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • Treating the patient so they get better and don’t need to see again
  • It’s not about peeling the levels like an onion, but instead treat all the patterns at once
  • From clarity comes confidence
  • Prevalence of depressive heat
  • In adults, blame the Liver
  • Impact of restrictions during Covid
  • Zhu Dan Xi’s six depressions
  • Mastery is mastery of the basics
  • Six depressions
  • Why problems can tend towards heat
  • Thoughts on the importance of proportion
  • You must have evidence of what you want to treat
  • The heat that arises from unfilled desires
  • Know the target and attend to proportion
  • The catalytic influence of mentorship
  • The useful filter of “is this true?”
  • Trustworthy maps can help you navigate

Stress = unfulfilled desires

Robert Tristan Helmer R.TCMP, R.Ac
Rob specializes in the treatment of chronic, difficult to treat medical conditions that other doctors and alternative medicine providers are unable to help. His primary form of treatment to achieve this is customized Chinese herbal medicine formulas and acupuncture. Rob's most recent published research is focused on insomnia due to the stress of the Covid pandemic.

He originally graduated from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) school in Toronto 1998 and completed his Doctorate of Traditional Chinese Medicine at Pacific Rim College in Victoria, BC. In addition, Rob has completed clinical internships in China (four times), Germany and USA. He is a professor at TCM and has previously taught post-graduate courses on insomnia, pediatrics, asthma and dermatology.

Rob is a published author and has previously appeared in various TCM medical journals and published a book by Blue Poppy press in 2006. Lastly, he has been a student of many well respected TCM doctors over the years including Dr. David Lam, Bob Flaws and Mazin Al-khafaji.



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