Qiological Live
The Bright and the Dull:
Eye Observation for Saam Acupuncture

Observation is a key technology of our low-tech, sophisticated medicine. Recognizing the level of brightness or dullness in the eyes is critical to accurately diagnosing the San Jiao/Liver balance in Saam.

This very practical class will define what bright and dull mean specific to the Saam tradition while helping you weed out factors that are commonly confused for these qualities.

Reviewing over 50 pictures of eyes that Toby has graded for brightness and dullness will allow you to calibrate your observations skills with his. Many Saam practitioners haven’t been able to follow Toby in the clinic and see what he sees. This class bridges that gap and will immediately improve your clinical prowess.

Prerequisite: Introduction to Saam Acupuncture taught by Toby Daly
(CEU and Non-CEU)

In this real time event we will discuss
  • Provide definitions of eye brightness and dullness specific to the diagnostic system of the Korean monastic tradition of Saam acupuncture
  • Identify the factors that are commonly confused with eye brightness and dullness in the practice of Saam acupuncture
  • Practice identifying eye brightness and dullness by comparing and contrasting photographs of eyes

You’ll have lifetime access to the recording of this Qiological Live seminar, plus a detailed PDF discussing eye brightness or dullness from the Saam tradition

Event fee $45, length 90 minutes
Includes detailed PDF handout

"The hardest thing to see
is what is in front of your eyes"
Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Your Instructor For This Class

Kristin Wisgirda is Toby Daly's teaching assistant for Saam Acupuncture. She was the original moderator for the Saam forum on Qiological.com for 2 years and now has her own Saam mentorship program in the White Pine Circle where she helps guide students through cases and the basics of Saam practice.

She graduated from PCOM San Diego in 1999 and has been practicing in southeastern Massachusetts since. Before Saam, she practiced in the traditions of Kiiko Matsumoto, Wang Ju-Yi, received sports medicine acupuncture certification with Matt Callison and has been studying with Sharon Weizenbaum for more than 20 years.

She enjoys translating the beautiful world view of our medicine into results-oriented practice.