Here we are at the end of 2020, you'd think the alliterative rhyme of 2-0, 2-0 would imply a year of balance of and stability. It's been anything but, and yet, it's been a year that has asked us to grow in terms of flexibility and resilience and through adversity discover strengths of which did not we did not realize we were capable. 

This last episode of the year is a solo show taking a look back at the year, along with a glimpse into the future, along with some thoughts of shadow side of our practices and thoughts in response to questions from students. 

Listen in to Michael's thoughts over tea here in the winter of the year. 

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • What 2020 brought to the podcast
  • Special Covid episodes
  • Influential podcasts
  • On being a journeyman practitioner
  • Hua and Bian types of change
  • Teachings on Qiological
  • Update on the website
  • Some lessons from Covid
  • The burden of practice 
  • Money Power and Authority
  • Questions from students

Patients usually only listen to advice if it comes out of their own mouth.

In the 20+ years since graduating from acupuncture school I’ve had the great good fortune to practice medicine, study in Taiwan and China, translate a book on herbs and start a podcast. All of these have been the harvest of following a hunch, of hearing a kind of invitation within an opportunity and risking that path of discovery. 

All these experiences have taught me there is something powerful about dialogue. It shows up in all aspects of our lives. It’s a way of getting feedback from our environment. I see it as a kind of gift from the Muse, that part of Heaven which is always whispering in our ear as it seeks for an opportunity to be expressed on Earth.

Dialogue has always been a part of Chinese medicine, and conversation allows us to better understand ourselves as we seek to understand others. 



Links and Resources

Download and read Thomas and Shelley's book, Chinese Medicine & Covid19, and donate to help support the work.
Research and treatment of Covid at the Seattle Institute of East Asian Medicine
Jin Zhao's Perspective on Treating Epidemic Illness

Heiner Fruehauf on  Using the Fundamentals of Chinese Medicine in the Treatment of Epidemic Disease
Richard Hammerschlag's Thoughts on Research and Inquiry
Jason Robertson's Discussion on Questions
Margot Rossi and Nick Pole on the Dao of Communication 
Charlie Braverman on the Sunset of a Practice

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