Yin and yang are so simple, and so hard. Both knowing and not-knowing ground us in the clinical encounter. This is a clinically grounded dive into the resonance hum of yin and yang from Su Wen Five as we explore the nature of change, illumination, and the entanglements of yin and yang.

The resonances of the five phases connect us to the unfolding of heaven and earth. Tease out the meaning of particular character combinations that both enliven the text and help to bring a deeper level of discernment to your clinical gaze.

In this recorded Qiological Live discussion we explore:

  • The different kinds of change as expressed by the characters 變 bian and 化 hua
  • The nature of correspondence and resonance as expressed by  應像 ying xiang
  • Perspectives on 神明, shen ming, illumination
  • The foundational aspects of medical practice when we consider 本 ben, the root