It’s impossible to have confidence at the beginning of any enterprise. You might have passion, commitment, reliable skills or desire. But confidence comes through navigating the difficulties that are sure to arise along the way.

There is a saying that when unsure of yourself you have to fake it till you make it. That is actually completely wrong. Faking it means you’re not all in or you’re not sailing toward your true north. What works better is authenticity and skin in the game.

Throughout a career, if you are pushing the edges, time and again, you’ll bump up against opportunities that you don’t yet know how to unfold. Lack of confidence is not a personal failing in these moments; it’s one of the essential ingredients in the soup of transformation.

In this Qiological Live salon we will explore our images and beliefs around confidence. You learn to identify how you build this emotional reserve, and support yourself on the journey deepening your practice, which in turn builds that inner sense of trust.