Qiological Live
It's in Their Head
Addressing Stagnant Qi in the Heads of Children

Stagnant qi in the head is a much overlooked yet important pattern commonly seen in children. It can cause a wide variety of physical, behavioural and emotional symptoms which may blight a child’s life.

We will look at what causes this pattern, its manifestations and, most importantly, what we can do to help. We will look at what we as acupuncturists can do in the clinic with both needles and non-needle techniques, as well as what we can teach parents to do at home.

It’s no exaggeration to say that promoting the smooth flow of qi in the head of a child can change the course of their life for the better. You will come away knowing when this needs to be done and how to do it.

In this real time event we will learn
  • To recognise the signs and symptoms of stagnant qi in the head in children
  • How to successfully resolve this pattern with acupuncture
  • How to successfully resolve this pattern with non-needle techniques
  • How to teach parents techniques they can use at home to help their child recover from this imbalance

You’ll have lifetime access to the recording of this Qiological Live seminar

Event fee $35, length 90 minutes

Saturday June 25, 2022

9am Pacific • 10am Mountain • 11am Central • 12 noon Eastern

If the qi in a child’s head is not flowing, their thoughts, emotions, behaviour and even their life does not flow. Simply put, knowing how to treat this pattern makes children, and their families, happy.

Your Instructor For This Class

Rebecca Avern has treated children with acupuncture for over 20 years, and now treats exclusively children and teenagers. She founded and runs two children’s acupuncture clinics in Oxford, one of which offers affordable acupuncture to children and the opportunity for practitioner internships.

Rebecca teaches a year-long diploma in acupuncture paediatrics in the UK, as well as extensively online and internationally. She has been a senior faculty member at the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine, UK for the past 15 years.

Rebecca is the author of the textbook Acupuncture for Babies, Children and Teenagers and also of Chinese Medicine for Childhood Anxiety and Depression: a practical guide for practitioners and parents.

Rebecca founded the Hub of Paediatric Acupuncture (www.paediatricacupuncture.com), an online community providing information for parents and support to practitioners who treat children.